Why are PowerPoint Presentations the best tool in 2021 to win a Business Deal?

Microsoft’s presentation software has been the industry pioneer for decades when it comes to business presentations and deals. Its user-friendly features ensure that it remains so.

Microsoft Office is used by millions of people around the world, and PowerPoint is still the best way for proposal writers to communicate their ideas effectively.

In this post, I’ll show you why PowerPoint is the best tool to win a business deal.

How PowerPoint Presentations should be Prepared to win a business deal

A business presentation or deal should focus on the following aspects.

1. Whom do you want to target?

Our target audiences are proposal evaluators, while procurement teams may also be included. But we must also keep in mind another “whom”—the people with whom we are competing.

PowerPoint gives you the visual power to communicate with your target audience’s brands and desires, such as incorporating logos and simple reference points, as well as to set yourself apart from the competition.

2. What do you want to convey?

Your proposals must include the following information:

  • The corporate profile of your business.
  • The goals of the client’s company.
  • Your overall market position wrt your existing rivals,
  • To deal with the client’s current needs, you’ll need to use your problem-solving skills.
  • An exclusive identity that distinguishes your cutting-edge creative ideas from those of your rivals.

PowerPoint makes this easy by allowing you to quickly and simply outline what you need to say. If your business deal should grab attention a Powerpoint presentation is a must.

3. Where do you want to portray?

So, where do you present all of the above to gain a competitive advantage? Powerpoint lets you use slides to represent your brand and illustrate your solutions. It helps you demonstrate that you are familiar with their brand by letting you use the client’s logo on slides relevant to their context and needs. Consider using a few slides to represent both organizations to emphasize the collective nature of identifying the best solutions.

4. When Do You Use It?

From designing a proposal to planning for client visits or meetings, a PowerPoint presentation is ideal for any stage of the proposal life cycle. When the required answer is text-heavy, it can also be used as a supporting file to reduce the time it takes your goals to review the full-text document.

A PowerPoint presentation continues to be useful in helping to create a visually guided proposal for a new service line or similar situation where you do not have very descriptive answers ready and need to plan a proposal for the first time.

You can download the free templates here: Free Slides

Why does PowerPoint Remain the Most Effective?

PowerPoint remains the most effective software owing to the following reasons.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It makes an impression on the individual who is reading your business proposal or deal.
  • It’s less text-heavy and creates more space for client interaction.
  • Information can be delivered succinctly and concisely.
  • Its visual design encourages the audience’s focus, perception, and interest.
  • It’s a quick and easy way to get your whole message across.
  • It lets you add animations to your slide to highlight a point.
  • By using a voice recording, you can make it a more personalized and engaging presentation.
  • Using a Slide Master, you can create standardized templates for your business.
  • By adding transitions from one slide to the next you can illustrate movement in your figures or demonstrate a solution.
  • It provides the option to use bar graphs or pie charts to display quantitative data.
  • The photography, video, or audio options leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • It helps you save time with the SmartArt templates to build lists, hierarchies, and organizational charts.
  • It makes your presentation more engaging with shapes, icons, and banners that highlight important details.

You will communicate in real-time with coworkers and other important people if you use the online edition of PowerPoint. Simply send the people you want to see your presentation a connection, and they’ll be able to edit or display it according to the permissions you set.

A very useful presentation coaching tool is included in the online edition of PowerPoint. When you practice your presentation, the software can monitor your pacing, vocabulary, and a variety of other metrics, offering detailed feedback and on-screen guidance.

Finally, for those who wish to use 3D artifacts and animations, PowerPoint is one of the best presentation programs.


PowerPoint continues to be the best method for designing and improving with overall business needs, but the future of presentations is not limited to the details provided above. Even though a host of presentation software with attractive features are emerging they would find it difficult to completely outperform the Powerpoint presentation program that has been the market leader for decades.

For the vast majority of people, Microsoft PowerPoint is the original and best presentation software framework available. Although other businesses have caught up and now sell competitive products, PowerPoint’s familiar interface and widespread availability ensure that it remains a popular option for the vast majority of people and presentation design agencies to create client-winning Business deals.

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