10 Presentation Templates Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Being an entrepreneur is not only about believing in others, but it is also about convincing others to believe in your ideas. Besides convincing investors, successful entrepreneurs also have to be a compelling force to their team members if they want to leverage their skills and talents. Good presentation skills are a must to achieve these goals. And to polish this skill, you will need two things, viz. confidence and good preparation. While self-confidence can be developed by continuously working on yourself, we can help you with the later, i.e., preparation.

The Need For Presentation Templates

A presentation template is like a blueprint that makes it easy for people to present their ideas. Some companies opt for branded presentation templates, complete with a uniform font, color scheme, layout scheme, logo, and even prescribe animation styles. This helps them save time and the embarrassment of putting up a poorly formatted lackluster presentation.  In such cases, all that the user has to do is to pick from a set of premade presentation templates, insert the content, images, and proper placeholders. Once all of this is added, he has to save the file in the prescribed format and jet ahead with his or her presentation. This way, they get to focus more on the content, rather than the design or layout. Doing so, not only works for the employee but is beneficial for the employer as well. Companies get to save money and time because with a branded template they can put together a presentation quickly and efficiently. Tight deadlines are not an issue when you have a readymade template to work on – it’s the content that rightfully gets all the attention. A premade presentation template not only helps save time and energy but also promotes branding.  Rather than worry about an unimaginative staff coming up with horrendous slides, it makes sense to hire us to design a template upon which every employee can work. This way, you don’t have to worry about your team defacing your brand ethos with their version of visual imagination. Such branded presentation slides are especially important in organizations with regional offices – you don’t have to spend sleepless nights about an employee in one of your regional offices dragging down your company name and brand image! Even if yours is a small or fairly medium setup, you will need more than one set of slides. For example, the sales team will need a set of slides that work towards their goals. And so will the marketing team. You will need a separate set of slides for the training team. And one to be used internally when addressing employees! Each of these will have to be designed with the requirements suited to them. For example, the sales team deck will require flow charts, graphs, infographics, etc., while the training team deck will be more focused towards content.

The Ten Slides That You Should Include In Your Presentation

1. Investor Pitch Deck Template:

If you need funding for your startup, this template is a must! A pitch deck gives an overall view of your business to the investors, wherein you can share your business model, showcase your product or service, explain to them how you intend to monetize your idea, and if possible, introduce them to your team. Your pitch deck should clearly explain a problem, present a solution, and present statistics to validate your idea. Sample Pitchdesk Template

2. Corporate Presentation Template:

When it comes to business, first impressions are everything. If you have to sell or market a product, a corporate presentation template should include everything, viz. charts, tables, graphs, icons, etc. that can be scaled and edited easily. It should be easy to customize and yet be versatile enough to fulfill a broad set of needs. Corporate PowerPoint Template Corporate Presentation Template

3. SWOT Analysis Template:

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Companies use this method to measure risks and identify factors required to meet the desired objective. You could either choose a template offering a matrix layout or a spreadsheet format that allows detailed analysis. Check out swot analysis powerpoint templates http://slideceo.com/product/swot-analysis-24/ swot analysis powerpoint template

4. Product Slideshow Template:

You can use these templates to showcase your products. They are also a great way to grab the viewer’s attention at trade shows and presentations. At Visual Spiders, we offer high-quality professional slides that are not only customizable but easy to use as well.

5. Financial Report Template:

Every business needs a financial report template to offer a full account of your fiscal performance to the stakeholders. You ought to show them the total revenue, assets, liabilities, income etc. You can either pick a weekly, monthly, or year financial report to match your requirement. Financial Report Template Financial Report Template

6.Project Execution PowerPoint Template:

A project execution presentation template explains clearly to the stakeholders the different elements related to the project. It should include goal statements, quality and various technical specifications, milestones, risks, scheduling, and resources. Project Execution Template Project management PowerPoint template

7.Marketing Strategies Template:

An awesome marketing strategy begins with creating an effective template that explains your plan and how you are going to achieve them. It should include a strong USP, explain various elements like pricing, distribution, etc. check out marketing strategy & business strategy templates  Marketing strategy template

8.Revenue Projection Template:

If you are a startup or an up and coming business, a revenue projection template is a must. You can use them to explain to the investors about the expected growth rate, an addressable market, the percentage of targets can be converted into leads, etc. Revenue projection template

9.Sales Statistics Template:

Sales templates help people to provide data-backed answers for all sales related questions. It can be used to explain potential sales targets, review the team’s progress and activity, and look for potential problems that could be hampering growth. Statistics templates sales statistics template

10.Competitor Analysis Template:

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is a critical part of a company’s growth plans. It also helps them make a knowledgeable decision. For example, if you are looking to rank your website well on search engines, it is important to know what keywords and strategies work for your competitors. Are you looking for professionally designed PowerPoint presentation slides and pitch decks? Contact us!


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