10 Reasons to Leverage Prezi for Presentation

We have plenty of visual communication techniques to tell the story in the most beautiful
way. Today, we are going to dwell on one of the majors in the niche, which is Prezi.
Before I walk you through the importance of the tool, let me walk you quickly through the
definition of this amazing tool.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation tool that, like PowerPoint, can be used as an alternative to
conventional programs. It is a cloud-based platform that uses a single large virtual canvas that enables you to zoom
and pan your content to better display it.
Okay. Good to go. In the next section, we will find out the reasons to use Prezi.

10 Reasons to use Prezi for presentation

Here are the top 10 reasons to use Prezi for your presentation.

Grooms you to a better presenter

Prezi is a very powerful communication tool. Often it can be a challenge to try to get your
thoughts across without boring your audience. Knowing that you are thrilled to deliver a very
good-looking, web-savvy presentation will help you present yourself in a totally different way.

Makes your presentation something to cherish

People are more likely to understand your presentation and remember it and, thus, your
message has a visual effect when it is. All your needs for visual effect and narrative can be
satisfied by Prezi.

You can use a template/not

As there is a range of pre-built models at your disposal, you don’t have to start from scratch.
Then you can use them, make them customised, or make your own.

Prezi is a customisable tool

Your vision will really be helped by being able to change the colours and add your own
business logo. Prezi helps you to do all those things so that you can hold it confidently in line
with your brand and current.

Types of media

Inside the canvas, Prezi allows you to import and google search images, and copy and paste
YouTube/Vimeo videos at the click of a button.

Fabulous companion

You want the audience to be able to inspire them and keep them engaged. Prezi is very
impressive and can catch the attention of your audience from the moment you hit the
“Present” button.

Simple to use

Since you can be as imaginative as you want, designing and presenting is very enjoyable.
It’s too quick to make interactivity a no-brainer.

Enables you to present offline

You can view your Prezi offline with the downloadable apps and you do not need an internet
connection. It also means that, when on the move, you can build your Prezi. We all have
those moments of “no internet connection” so don’t worry. Still, you should keep working!

Userfriendly and device friendly

It’s all fine. iPad, iPhone, Andriod, Windows… You say. Prezi is compatible with devices so
you can “practice, pitch, or present anywhere you go”

Anytime support

The help is brilliant!! They have training and webinars, not to mention the posts, videos, and
tutorials library. All is very handy and to the point.

So, that’s it about Prezi for the presentation. Who can help you to get the service done
professionally? You should definitely check out Visual Spiders’ services who have helped
several fortune 500 companies with their visual communication services.


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