10 PowerPoint Presentation Blunders Your Audience Hates

Want paper planes or claps at the end of your next PowerPoint presentation? If it’s later, you should definitely read till the end of the blog. Because today we are going to discuss some of the most important tactics for you.

So, Mr./Ms. Presenter, welcome to the world of PowerPoint Presentation blunders. I will walk you through the top elements your audience hates about your presentation.

1. The PowerPoint presentation intro for life

It’s always best to start your PowerPoint presentation with a concise introduction. But when you hook up on the same and have no plan to get into the main part of it, that’s when the problem arises. Your audience won’t have a whole day. Therefore, always put a cap to the introduction and jump right into the matter.

2. Too much attention on facts, not on emotions

Studies show that human beings always tend to make decisions based on emotion. So, nobody sits for someone who doesn’t pay attention to the “emotion” factor.
So, you have to present your stuff by considering that. Otherwise, it would just feel like a robot presenting some data to a few inanimate objects.

3. Scattered content

You might be that person who finds your own order in everything even while others say it’s scattered. But whatsoever is the situation, you can’t convince the client/audience the same. They might even reject the pitch just because you presented it in a slipshod manner. Definitely, you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, stack every piece of information as if you place it in a deck of files and present them in absolute order.

4. Overloading animation and graphic effects

This is a double-edged sword. If the animation is used in optimum, it can gain you a pat on your back. But, if it’s stuffed, trust me you are screwed.
Realise that your audience doesn’t want to feel like they are in a Disney land, enjoying the marvels. Therefore, show professionalism through optimal use of graphical tools.

5. Presenting like a book junkie

Just imagine you are listening to the live commentary of world cup cricket. How would it be if the person speaks as if he is reading a seminar paper?
You will mute it the next moment right? The same happens with your presentation too. The top mistake the majority of presenters make is to read out the stuffed information in the slides. Don’t do that, because even you wouldn’t want to listen to that.

6. Stuffing with charts and graphs

Charts and graphs are an inevitable part of a presentation. Okay. No argument. What if it took control of your presentation and peeped through your slides at a 30-second interval. To be honest, even the amazing coffee you made for the audience wouldn’t be able to bring their ears to you. People want stories, and no great statistics or graphs can outweigh it. A professional PowerPoint company can tell you how to do it in the right way.

7. Lack of passion

Come on, there is no way you can win the heart of your audience without your own heart involved. Be in that moment and keep eye contact with each of them stressing your points which are crisp and clear. Just do it and you are done. The audience is flattered.

8. Mouthful of information

Ya, right. The content should be informational. But putting out a train of massive information will definitely backfire. Therefore, just make sure you have gathered optimum information. And that’s enough. Not a bit more.

9. No interaction

This is an excellent opportunity, especially if you are a tad nervous about presentations. From the beginning itself, quickly establish a connection with the audience through your actions, voice modulation, and way of presenting. That’s it. With the connection, the audience will be engaged and feel your presence. Be careful
to maintain it throughout the presentation.

10. Humour

Last, but not the least, humor is always an underrated element in social skills. Well, see even I have placed it at the end. But, no. I included it here so that this will be the last point you will remember. Humour can induce a personal connection even more and also help to portray you as a cool professional. Try it if you doubt me and know the difference.

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