How to Tell an Awesome Story through Presentation Slide Designs

Storytelling has always been a creative marvel that can influence the audience to be a loyal client. Today, we are going to find out the nuances of incorporating storytelling and other related elements in a PowerPoint slide design.

The important sections we are going to deal with are,
○ Use description wisely
○ Add more of what they like
○ Craft an engaging story
○ Visuals that conceptualize your content
○ Way of presenting the story
○ Use infographics
○ Bring a unique tone in the slide
○ Include some threads for excitement
Now, let’s dig deeper into each of these.

1. Use description wisely

Be careful while describing a particular topic. Even if it’s important, you should be able to compress and convey it shortly. Otherwise, the audience will be bored with your long speech.
Keep this in mind and revise your PPT accordingly.

2. Add more of what they like

The liking of the audience varies with the category. If you find them showing sudden interest in a particular thing you said, keep that in mind and use similar ones later as well. But don’t stuff. That will end up in just the exact opposite result.

3. Craft an engaging story in the PowerPoint slide design

Engaging is the best way to build a connection. Add real-time scenarios while discussing a topic. People, in general, like to listen to statistics and data. Present them in middle slides and keep their engagement till the end. That’s where the game is. “What goes around, comes back”- If the story is engaging, you will
spontaneously see the result in the faces of your audience.

4. Visuals that conceptualize your content

Add visuals that can explain a slide full of content. Various infographic tools can help you there. There is nothing more impactful than a symbolic picture.
You may leverage Canva, Unsplash, or any similar websites for copyright-free images.

5. Way of presenting the story

Regardless of the purpose of the PowerPoint presentation, present the content in a way that glues the keen attention of your audience.
Study the slides thoroughly and practice different ways of presentation. This will boost your confidence and you will know what will work and what won’t.

6. Use infographics

Use infographics related to the content that can invite the attention of your audience. Hiring a professional PowerPoint company will be the best option to get it right. Because they have the best designing team who will leverage the tools to the maximum and come up with conversion-driven designs.


7. Bring a unique tone in the slides

The PowerPoint designs vary with the creator. Leave your footprint in it through each slide. In that way, your presentation will be perceived fresh and that definitely has an advantage in the outcome.

8. Include some threads for excitement

Add something in the slide that can make the audience excited in between the presentation. This can be done by selecting a powerful story.
Any unexpected twists explained by maintaining a perfect voice modulation would do.

With all the mentioned hacks on PowerPoint slide design, you can deliver your presentation in a mesmerizing way. But are you willing to invest your productive time for preparing for a presentation?
There are a mouthful of PowerPoint Presentation agencies around you who can aid you do it in the best possible way. Visual Spiders is one among them who has helped several fortune 500 companies with the latest visual communication techniques.
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