Must do quality checks of a PowerPoint design company

Once you decide on outsourcing PowerPoint, the next task is to find the best PowerPoint design company that would be able to understand your brand value and do the work in the best way.
In this blog, I will walk you through the essential quality check to be done before you finalise on your service provider.
These are,
1. Skim through their website
2. Response time
3. Previous clients
4. Do the PowerPoint design company represent a brand?
5. Know the team
6. Affordable service
Let’s dig deeper into each of the yardsticks of quality measurement.

1. Skim through their website

Simply visit their website and evaluate their previous work samples and portfolio. You will get a fair idea about their capabilities and experience.
Now you are good to proceed to the next phase.

2. Response time

Once you are convinced about their exposure, check if they respond to your queries or quote within 24 hours or so. If it exceeds a week, you better give chance to others.

3. Previous clients

This is a real check. Know what their past clients say about them. If the rating is lower, or a lot of negative comments appear, that shows they don’t attend their clients properly.

4. Do the PowerPoint design company represent a brand?

Look into the visual appeal, logo, the social media presence to understand if they are more than just a business entity. In this era of rapid digital transformation, every brand needs to adapt to the changes quickly and leverage them. So, a company that gives importance to its branding will definitely show that in their work as well. After all, how can you trust a company that itself is not a brand, to grow your brand?

5. Know the team

While you look through their website, it’s a chance to evaluate their entire team. The following are the important team members who represent the company.

  • A project manager

A project manager is a person with whom you’ll be in contact in the PowerPoint design company. He’s like an intermediary, between a team and a customer.
He will understand your presentation’s intent, your criteria, your project deadline and your budget. He’ll delegate the job to his team members based on your requirements. He guarantees that the members of the team perform work on schedule and that the team’s expense does not surpass your budget.

  • Designer

We got a designer next on the list. Depending on the goal of the presentation, he designs the slides. A designer will come up with the theme for the presentation and the choice of colours that will suit the occasion if you present a deck of slides for an internal corporate party. In this scenario, as you have plans to present for a corporate gathering, he will choose bright colours. A designer will set the backdrop for your slides, apart from the hues and colours.

  • Content Writer

In the development of PowerPoint slides, a content writer plays an important role. The content writer will choose the right words to put on the slides that will make an effect because you need the text in your presentation. A content writer can pick out the main words when you send your content to the PowerPoint design company and he will try to create maximum impact with minimal text. A content writer should have excellent communication abilities, and for presentations, he should be well-trained in content design. With regard to content development for a deck of slides, there are many guidelines that a content writer needs to follow.

  • Illustrator

An illustrator ensures that the slides contain the required photographs. Because every slide has body material, to minimise clutter, the illustrator will work to balance text and image. In addition, if large sets of data are to be presented, he can show them in the form of graphs and charts so that the details can be readily interpreted by the audience.
Often the public can be bored by static images. An illustrator is also responsible for creating the required special effects that will add the wow’ factor to a slide deck.
The website will pave the way to understand how good each of the members is.

6. Affordable Service

This is a very very important part for you, right? The service should meet the industry-standard but the rates also need to be reasonable. So, we took a quick trip through the parameters to check the quality of service offered by a PowerPoint design company. Check out the services provided by Visual Spiders, the captains in the PowerPoint presentation designs since 2009.