An Expert’s Guide To Creating Powerful Presentations For Your Sales Meet

You may have spent hundreds of dollars on the latest sales presentation software or hired the best sales talent, but the quality of your sales presentation always boils down to one fact – did the customer choose to do business with you or your competitor.

It is also important to note that most failed sales pitches are because of presentations that aren’t compelling or motivating. Here’s what you can do to create a sales presentation that’s sure to impress everyone:

Focus On The Presentation Structure


  1. Don’t Beat Around The Bush: A sensible buyer may have gone through your website to make sure your business ideals match their goals. Instead, focus on how you can help them resolve their problem. The art of making a sales pitch is to get down to the facts as quickly as possible without sounding salesy.Buyers have a business to run – their time is as valuable as yours. Don’t waste time on small talk, or explain in great detail about your company, its values, and principles.
  2. Present The Problem: An effective sales presentation is one that focuses on the client’s problem or challenge and not on your product or service. Put yourself in the client’s shoes; make a list of problems that they are likely to face.Now create a story around these problems to get them emotionally connected. Does it bring out a certain feeling? The idea is to address and empathize with the client’s problems. But don’t waste too much time discussing the problem, because the buyer already knows it; he’s more interested in the solution.After you are done with the niceties, your presentation slides should focus on the problem that the buyer’s facing.
  3. Present A Solution: For example, buyers today are now researching solutions, setting requirements and enquiring prices even before contacting the seller or inviting them for a presentation. Good salespeople recognize the opportunity for what it is – an invitation to explain why the client should choose you. Make use of the presentation templates. A presentation template is like a blueprint that makes it easy for people to present their ideas.Your job is to convert a customer with clearly defined needs into someone with emerging needs, i.e., to help him see the solution from a different perspective. Use this opportunity to reveal insights that the customer did not know previously, thereby selling insights and needs they didn’t know existed.Although we’ve moved from a solution-centric approach to selling, it continues to be valid in a variety of ways.

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Present Market Analysis & Business Opportunity


a. Weave Statistics and Market Opportunity in the Presentation:

Throughout the presentation, try and include market research data and statistics but in an interesting manner. Rather than quote big numbers verbatim, breathe life into them by putting them into a context that people can instantly connect with and remember. Some of the buzzwords to include would be equivalent of, to put that number into context, etc. Tim Cook, Apple CEO always makes it a point to use this trick when making financial presentations. Your audience is more likely to enjoy your presentation and recall the information later – factors that are essential during a sales pitch.

b. Discuss How It Affects The Client’s Business:

Too many sales presentations fail because they focus too much on a product’s feature rather than explain how it will benefit the client. Understanding the key difference between benefits and features is important for an effective presentation. While features explain characteristics, benefits are the actual reasons why clients buy your product. ‘What’s in it for me?’ This is the question you ought to answer in a presentation.

c. Include Revenue Projection:

The best way to get clients interested in your presentation is not to let them assume things, especially financial projections. Tell them directly and clearly about growth potential and how the business will work on a per-customer basis. In fact, per user economics and market size are key to making financial decisions.

Include Client Testimonials:

You can hire the best copywriter to explain how great your products are, but they’re nothing compared to a genuine client account of how you’ve impacted their business. Testimonials not only build trust but also help clients overcome skepticism. Unlike copy content, they aren’t salesly or unbiased.

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