How To Make An Effective Business Model And Marketing Plan Presentation?

Without customers, there is no business. You must understand the value of marketing to attract and retain customers. It is acritical part of any business success. It cannot guarantee a sale or attract potential investors unless you adopt a well-researched and coherent business plan. Learning how to present your business model and marketing plan can help to build long-term, profitable relationships among your clients and investors.

Why Do You Need A Marketing Strategy And Plan?

Company leaders and marketing professionals like you will have to create a business plan every year and review it periodically. This document can help you implement the necessary steps and actions required to accomplish your marketing goals. Reaching the target audience, increasing customer base, reducing the resistance to buying the product, and gaining market share is the most common objectives of an effective business plan. It is a valuable process that highly contributes to your business growth and success. Here are a few tips for delivering your business model and marketing plan using attractive PowerPoint presentation design templates.

How To Structure Your Business Model Using Presentation Templates?

A business model is nothing but a detailed description of how your company makes money. It describes the entire organization including,financial strategies and plans, sales, target markets, operations, products and services, and how they all relate to each other. The conceptual structure explains how your business creates, sell, capture value among customers and investors, and convert those payments to profit. It is a systematic way of understanding, designing and defining your business in the marketplace.

Components Of An Effective Business Model Presentation

Before diving into the concept, we recommend you use the 10–20–30 rule(10 slides, 20 minutes and a minimum 30-point font). Choose the perfect business plan PowerPoint template that suitsthe theme of your business model. Motagua multipurpose presentation template, i9 template system, simplicity 2.0, and massive x presentation template are 2019’s best-selling template designs. The main slide should include the name of your business, your name and designation, contact information, and an attractive slogan on the cover page of the chosen template. The title page should contain the sections of your business plan that you are going to present. Summarize the details in bullet points on the content slides. Create financial statements and charts in Microsoft Excel for excellent representation of facts and figures. Insert images, graphics,and other elements to enhance your points through visual representation. Add transitions to fit into your goals.

The next slide should describe the overall strategy of your business. Gather all the facts and develop a vision and mission statement. Analyze the strategic objectives and tactical plans for your business. On the whole, your slide should have answers for the following questions. Why is your company in the business?Where are you now? Where are you going? And how will you get there? The fourth slide should talk about the sales activities on the distribution channel. Explain which channels work the best and mention the steps for integrating into your customer’s routine through daily news feeds, social media updates, etc.

The fifth slide should explain the plans you have to generate revenue for the company’s services. Honing your pricing strategy, offering special discounts, extending the geographic market area, and entering into cooperative sales agreements are the best ways to maximize it. Use the sixth slide to describe the stages of your sales cycle. It should include information about collecting prospective leads, qualifying customers, presenting the product, overcoming the objections and closing the sale.

How To Craft Your Marketing Plan Using Attractive PowerPoint Slides?

A marketing plan is used as a basis to execute your marketing strategy.It clearly explains your objectives and steps for execution. It formalizes ideas and concepts on how you’re going to market your products and services in the crowd.An excellent marketing plan can help you reach your marketing goals easily. It helps to analyze your last year’s marketing plan, understand your current position, strengthen your brand value, and in turn increase the ROI.If you’re trying to set smarter marketing goals, a solid marketing plan is needed to set your clients in the right direction.

Components Of An Effective Marketing Plan Presentation

The seventh slide should include the action plan of reaching your target customers for achieving competitive advantage. Your go-to-market strategyshould define the target markets and clients for positioning your brand in the marketplace. This method can establish the right path for growth and ensures a successful product launch. Use the eight slide for explaining pricing models and gross margin. Setting the right price in the market is based on four approaches – cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, value pricing, and competition-based pricing. The pricing strategy should target the gross profit margin. It is the percentage that you’re looking to gain on each time which is calculated using the formulaGross Profit Margin Target = (Price-Cost)/Price. The next slide should describe the steps for reaching your target customers. Explain whether you choose conventional marketing that includes word of mouth, direct mail, billboards, yellow page ads, and newspaper ads whereas online or digital marketing include classified ads, social media updates, email newsletters. You can also choose content marketing techniques such as vlogs, documentaries, podcasts, blogs, posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook and one-on-one marketing methods including cold emails, cold calling, door knocking, or setting up a booth at a trade show event.

Share details about the methods of distributing your products and services to the customers on the tenth slide. If you don’t have a retail location, choose self- distribution for local sales, and wholesalers and distributors for covering a wider area.Mention your customer support service on the eleventh slide. Live answering via phone calls, interactive voice response, live chat, and email are some of the most common services used.End the presentation with a thank you note.

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