How To Introduce Your Company Effectively In A Presentation

Introductions are important. They establish credibility and prepare the audience for the presentation ahead. And yet, people fail to give it enough thought. If you’re up for a presentation, here’s how to do it effectively.

An Ideal Introduction Includes…

Researchers have found that you only have two minutes to make an impression with the audience. Use this time well by giving your audience a summary of who you are and your beginnings. This includes giving your name, title, job description, etc. Move on to explain about the company. How and when was the company formed? Build a story around the idea that inspired you to start the company and the problems that you’ve faced so far. Is there something interesting that you’d like to share the logo or the company name? Nothing puts off audiences more than an introduction that sounds like a sales pitch. Rather than explaining what you sell, briefly describe how you help. Tell them how your company makes life easier for everyone and how you solve problems. Audiences are more likely to be receptive to such an approach, rather than a presentation that’s all ‘I, me, myself.’

What You Should And Shouldn’t Do:

  • Try The Elevator Pitch:
An elevator pitch is a quick and persuasive summary that ideally doesn’t last longer than 20 to 30 seconds, i.e., the time it takes for a brief elevator ride. The idea is to introduce yourself or an idea succinctly and hopefully, memorable. It should be about who you are, what you do, who’s your target audience, and what’s your USP. Once you’ve got all of this information put together, remember it practice it at every given opportunity.
  • Pay Attention To Body Language:
The art of delivering a perfect elevator pitch relies on monitoring the body language. Do you cross your arms during the introduction? Are you fidgeting? Are you using distracting hand gestures while talking? Practice the pitch before a mirror until you sound confident and composed.
  • Stay Away From Jargons and Fancy Words:
Using big and fancy words just for the sake of it does not make you look smart; sometimes, it can have the complete opposite effect. You may be across as phony and disconnected from the audience. Of course, you have to come across as intelligent and emphasize what you know. But you also want the audience to understand what’s being communicated. Using jargons or academic-sounding words is certainly not the right way to go about impressing people.
  • Understand Your Audience:
The earlier discussion about using simple and easy to understand words works well. But you don’t have to dumb it down to a level where you’re belittling people and their intelligence. This is called audience analysis and includes adapting your content to match the level of understanding, attitudes, and beliefs of the listeners. It helps you build a common ground between you and the audience and helps to keep them interested. You can download the free templates here: Free Slides
  • Discussing Your Services/Ideas:
The elevator pitch we discussed earlier must include a brief discussion of what you do – as in the services your offer, the products you sell. This is a simple and straightforward one-sentence statement. For example, if your company is into communication solutions, your service offerings would be enabling web conferencing, VoIP services, etc.
  • Discuss Solutions:
This is an important element of the introduction. Tell your audience what the problems that you solve through your products or services are. People are more likely to be interested in your products when you tell them how you’ll make things easier for them. The number one rule of selling is not to sell, but help!
  • Discuss How And Why You Stand Apart From The Crowd:
What are the things that you do differently? Define the special qualities that you offer when compared to your competitors? Is it the price advantage? Do you take pride in your customer service philosophy? What was it that was lacking before you entered and how you’ve bridged that gap? How do you solve the customer’s problems?
  • Pay Attention To Visual Presentation As Well:
As humans we’re more inclined to learn things visually, i.e., we are all visual learners. During a presentation, it is important to come up with professionally designed PowerPoint slides. From using the right font type to using white space creatively, there are plenty of tips that only professionals would know. If you’re preparing for a presentation, get in touch with our creative team to create a customized template!  We’ll help you leverage the power of visuals to create super cool presentations. Our designers can also redesign the complete presentation to give it a professional look! How do you introduce your business during a presentation? Share your stories with us! Related Content: Why are PowerPoint Presentations the best tool in 2021 to win a Business Deal?

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