Top Tips For Improving Your Presentation Skills In 2018

Presentation skills are essential for entrepreneurs and creative professionals; they may have to speak in public, pitch an idea, or impress investors. If you’re in a profession where you are likely to be called upon regularly to present your work, this guide is for you! Standing up before a crowd or clients is no easy task. Here are a few main points to focus while presenting an idea to others.

  1. Watch TEDx For Inspiration:

TEDx has undoubtedly some of the best speakers in the world. Watch these videos over and over again to analyze how people start off their presentation, how they introduce slides, or how they engage their audiences and share stories. Figure out the cadence of their speech. Do they tell jokes? Are they quiet? Deconstruct how different people present their information. You can learn a lot from them.

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  1. Arrive Early:

Show up to the presentation room early. So you can have a moment to recollect the ideas that you have prepared. You should also want to make sure that your stuff works. Check whether you have the proper plugs that connect to the projector. Have backups if your laptop crashes unexpectedly. Be prepared for disasters.

  1. Know Your Stuff:

Preparing your speech is the most important thing. Knowing your material helps you gain confidence while presenting it to others. Read through your stuff, a million times and write speaker notes. Record your speech and watch yourself in the mirror. Speaking to a mirror can be very helpful in learning presentation skills. This can help you notice your speech habits; whether you’re rushing, pacing too much or having long pauses. Share your video speech to others asking them for constructive criticism. Make improvements and try to be a little better the next time you record your speech.

  1. Set The Stage:

When you’re starting to present, you need to set the stage. Start with an introduction, to be very clear about what you’re doing and why you give the presentation. Follow it up and clarify with a conclusion of what you have done. Be the center of attention and focus everyone’s eyes. Ask the audience a question and then get them to respond.

  1. Keep It Simple:

When you’re presenting your work, don’t simply read the slides. A lot of people present with way too much text on a slide which is called death by PowerPoint. Simply reading through the slides can bore your audience. So keep your slides super simple with texts so that you aren’t attracted to read them. Telling a story or using a metaphor to make a point can help your audience remember the information. Move periodically across the space to keep people’s eyes following you.

  1. Have Fun:

Tell a joke by adding a humorous element related to your presentation. You can also share a funny reference that can wake up your audience. It’s an excellent technique for active engagement. Finally, thank your audience for their time and attention. Once your presentation is done, you can leave extra time for questions and conversations. This period helps you connect with the audience, and sell your ideas in a much more personal way. And that’s where things happen.

  1. Prepare For A Question Session:

Allowing the audience to ask questions is an effective way to reinforce your message and get your point across. This way, the audience is less likely to leave the room with misconceptions about your product, service, or concept. If your session involves a quick Q&A, make sure you are well prepared. Keep facts and figures handy. And remember to rephrase the question to make sure you’ve understood his point. After you’ve answered, look back at the person for a confirmation that you’ve clarified his or her doubts. And sometimes, you’ll have to face questions that have a hidden agenda. You don’t have to answer a loaded question; instead, try and defuse it! But if the person insists on an answer, tell them you’ll be happy to answer after the session.

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