Powerpoint presentation Tips and Tricks

Even if the spoken performance is well-rehearsed, the viewer can be turned off by a weak visual
experience. Expertise is worthless if it isn’t backed up by a compelling presentation.
Good PowerPoints is dependent on three key factors, regardless of the topic: your command of
PowerPoint’s design software, your attention to presentation processes, and your commitment
to a consistent style.
Here are some quick tips to help you get started mastering each of those variables.

● Know your Content

It’s not just about the slides in your presentation. It’s all about the message you want to convey.
Consider the narrative that will be discussed, why it will be discussed, and in what order it will be
discussed before filling in the stats, details, and figures. It’s a must if you want to learn how to
offer a decent PowerPoint presentation.

● Start with writing

Begin by storyboarding or scripting the whole presentation on a Word or Google doc to get a
sense of how the material will flow and how audiences will see it in order. Learn how to write
from start to finish.

● Highlight the crucial data

Only the most important elements are covered in a presentation. Everything you worked on to
get here- a report, a job idea, a new product design- doesn’t have to be shared in its entirety.
Choose the most important points and place the rest in a “Appendix” that you may refer to
during the Q&A session at the end.

● Be aware of your Audience

How you talk to a room full of medical professionals should be different from the way you
address a room full of young entrepreneurs. Everything is different. Your topic selection, the
language you use, the examples you give to illustrate points. The little bits of humor included
should be tailored specifically with your target audience in mind.
The first step in creating a PowerPoint presentation that persuades the audience is to get to
know them- their fears, needs, and desires.

● Practice, Practice

It’s never too early to get used to your presentation’s flow and make a list of the points you want
to highlight. You’ll get a “feel” for the content by speaking it out loud, and you’ll find that some
aspects fit well, while others don’t and will need to be worked around.

● Keep it simple

When creating your slides, this is one of the most important PowerPoint presentation tips to
remember. Remember that less is better (effective) A cluttered slide is unpleasant to look at. It
perplexes the audience: which part of the slide should I concentrate on? Do I focus on the
presenter or read the slide? A easy, visually appealing slide will captivate your audience and
keep them focused on the task at hand.

● Keep it short

Continuing from the previous point, less is better. If at all possible, stay away from bullets.
Otherwise, keep them to a couple of plain sentences. Instead of reading, the audience should
be listening.

● Make Use of High-Quality, New Templates

Have you seen the old PowerPoint template with ink splashes that look like worn paper? Your
audience has, too. If the template is too simple or the concept is dated, it can be distracting.
You’ll want one with a lot of design choices.

You can download the free templates here: Free Slides

● Professional Fonts would surely help you

Fonts play a crucial role in engaging the audience. Fonts and typography choices have a
subconscious impact on viewers, allowing them to either positively or negatively characterize
the company’s appearance and brand. Make sure you choose fonts that are both professional
and contemporary.

● Be choosy about colours

Colors, like font, elicit unique subconscious responses from viewers. Your presentation would be
made useless if you use an out-of-date colour scheme.

● No over-formatting

There’s no need to capitalise every word in every bullet point, and you don’t have to use title
case with any of your bullet points. If at all possible, avoid using bullets. Again, the more
straightforward, the better!

● Combine the information with graphics.

Using infographics is one of the most important presentation skills. Slides come to life with the
right kind of images, and text is reduced in favor of graphics. Infographics make it easier to
blend text and graphics. When you use visual formats that are intuitive, it’s easier to illustrate
complicated concepts.

● Take It Slowly

Many of today’s best speakers talk slowly on purpose. You’ll be able to highlight key points,
sound more thoughtful, and make your knowledge more digestible.

● Pause more often

As with the previous suggestion. More frequent pauses allow key points to be highlighted and
details to sink in. Before moving on to the next segment, you can give key points a chance to
You can do hundreds of tricks with PowerPoint. However, the PowerPoint tips in this article will
assist you in improving your presentation design skills. Finally, you can say goodbye to “death
by PowerPoint” and start wowing your audience with your amazing presentations.
We are aware that it’s not an easy task to comply with all these tips. We will assist you in
preparing presentations obeying all the tips mentioned above. Check out our website
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