Top Tips for Powerful Professional Powerpoint Design

Tips For An Effective Professional PowerPoint Design For Your Business Presentation

Most of us who work in an organization irrespective of whether we are a marketer, entrepreneur,
or company owner, have either given or will give a business presentation. For the presentation
to be effective and compelling it must back up our ideas.It may seem like a nightmare to a lot among us. But hold on, let me show you some Professional Powerpoint Design tips that would help you give kickass business presentations.

1. A story engages better than a speech

These days, storytelling is a very important technique. It’s much easier for the audience to follow
along with a story when it’s based on something true that happened to you.
There’s a good chance they’ve had common concerns or been through similar difficulties as
you. Tell your audience how you got to where you are now and why you believe in your

2. Enthusiasm and Energy are contagious

You decide the energy in the room. If you arrive at the presentation bored or exhausted, the
audience will be as well. Are you enthusiastic and energetic about the topic you’ll be
Then, when you’re making a talk, use this enthusiasm to pique people’s interest in what you’re
saying. Prepare for the presentation by listening to music or reading inspirational quotes.

3. Credibility matters

It’s not only a chance to tout your credentials; it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate that what
you’re saying is valid and that you have the credibility to be there and share those details.
You can do this by sharing an insight or by revealing the effort you put in to obtain the
knowledge you currently have. This is crucial to remember while giving a presentation to your
bosses or venture capitalists.

4. Know the content

Even if you made the presentation yourself or with the aid of a PPT Designer or presentation design agency, you must go through it at least ten times before showing it to your audience. The presentation is merely a
visual aid to what you’re saying, nothing more.
Experts suggest adopting the 10:1 rule, which states that you should practice 10 times as much
as you would be presenting (so for a 1-hour workshop, you should practice 10 hours). This ratio
was translated from Wayne Burgraff, an 18th-century American philosopher who is credited with
saying, “It takes one hour of planning for every minute of presentation time.”

5. An analog plan would surely help you

Build a diagram of your presentation to visualize how you want it to go. People nowadays are
constantly engrossed in a computer, such as laptops, phones, or tablets laptop, phone, or tablets,
and they lose sight of the bigger picture. Getting a pen and paper and writing down exactly what
you want to happen is the perfect way to start preparing your presentation.
Tools such as a notepad, pencil, sticky notes, and flashcards can be used to create an outline
that you can then use to plan the presentation. Draw a map of where you want to start, where
you want to pause along the way, and where you want to take the audience.
Make sure the presentation follows a logical course. Build your claims around the stopping
points, which are your presentation’s main takeaways.

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6. Engage with the audience naturally

You should use appropriate business jargon and technical terminology since this is a business
presentation, but this should also come naturally to you. If any words don’t ring true for you,
don’t use them.
Consider the objectives as hooks for your audience, something that will pique their curiosity and
entice them to stay with you during the presentation.

7. Let the audience know your objectives

All of us enjoy achieving our objectives. Set a few clear objectives for your presentation at the
start that you can accomplish during it to maintain your audience’s attention. The objectives also
serve as a reminder of your key points.
Consider the objectives as hooks for your audience, something that will pique their curiosity and
entice them to stay with you during the presentation.

8. Pictures speak more volumes than words

A business presentation is longer than the majority of presentations, and if all of the slides are
text-heavy, no one can remember it. Images and graphics that are meaningful and impactful are
easier to follow and do not divert the audience’s attention away from what you are saying.
Use photos, videos, sculptures, or just a blank slide to convey your concept in new ways.

9. Add an element of personalization

What is the significance of the presentation? Do you want to demonstrate that you are
interested in the subject? Visit your marketing department or employ a designer to help you
develop a presentation template. A good design is like a good pair of shoes.
If you choose to use an existing design, find one that corresponds to the presentation’s theme.
Attempt to match the colors to your company’s.

10. Let the ending be a beginning

The audience is still absorbing all of the details you just provided when you finish your
presentation. With the next move, you can help them figure it out together, assist them in
figuring out what to do with it.
Finish with a clear call to action and a personal invitation to speak about it.
Following the above-mentioned steps, would surely aid you in delivering a kickass business
presentation. It’s difficult to prepare all on your own. Business presentations design are complicated
and require planning ahead of time.

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