Tips for a Winning Company Presentation

Company presentations can be nerve-wracking if you feel you haven’t done your best. Whether you are presenting in front of investment bankers, your stakeholders, your bosses, or pitching an idea to a client, a powerful presentation can seal the deal for you. But you have to be spot on with your PowerPoint presentations to make an impact. If you go wrong with the slides, you can have confused faces staring at the end of it all, and that is definitely not a good sign. So, if you wish to ace the game of creating engaging, interesting, and powerful company presentations, here are a few tips you can follow.


Make it professional, and convincing

First impressions are only made once, you don’t have a second chance. This is true for all PowerPoint presentations as well. So, make sure that you make it look professional, have a design that is attractive, interesting, and conveys your core idea in the clearest form. Keep things simple and elegant to create a lasting impression. Select high-resolution visuals, if you must, and make sure there are no loose ends in your presentations that result in any kind of distractions.


Keep it short and precise

Beating around the bush in front of busy executives or business honchos is never a good idea. Get to the point almost immediately. Instead of building upon an idea, spend more time explaining it to your audience. Studies have shown that the attention levels drop after the 15 minutes of a presentation, and you don’t want that to happen to you. So, keep it short, crisp, and precise.


Create a proper structure

The What and Why are really important in any professional presentation as that is what your audience is really interested in. You must address these points at the earliest and in the clearest. What is your unique proposition and why you should be chosen over others is what people wish to know to make a decision. If you can master that, then you have an ace up your sleeve.

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Concentrate on the design

Most people get it wrong by stuffing too much text, colors, and unwanted visuals. These are only distractors from your core idea. So, use them to the minimum. The most powerful and engaging presentations are the ones that use minimum text and visuals but do so in such a way that their core message is highlighted. A perfect example of this is a presentation by Google CEO Sundar Pichai – whose opening slide had four images – of their four products – and one word – 1 Billion + Users. That explained everything. Strive to say more with less. That’s a surely effective way of conveying your message loud and clear.


Be flexible and open to change

Knowing your audience is a good way of making your presentation more relevant. No matter how updated your presentation is, there will be sections that might not interest your audience. So, be ready to skip them if you feel the need. Get to know your audience before starting out. This will also give you an idea if you need to go through all your slides, or if there are sections of your presentations that can be skipped. In short, be flexible and open to changing your tone, content, and language at the last minute, depending on your target audience.


Know what you are presenting

Whatever idea you are presenting, you need to have complete control over it. Make sure that you know everything about it inside out. The presentation is only a visual aid that is there to give the audience hints of what your core idea is. Never depend on your presentation completely to give out all the information. Your knowledge should reflect outside of the slides to make a lasting impression.


Post presentations etiquettes

If your presentation is a hit, people might want to have a copy of it. So, make sure you have a digital file ready for it. It is advised not to send a PowerPoint file; the best is to convert it into a PDF format and then send it so that all the changes can be retained. Also, keep the file size in mind before sending it to someone.

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