Tricks To Selecting The Suitable Color Scheme For Presentation Design

When you are going to create a PPT for any reason, one of the most important things you may come across is the selection of the right color. Choosing colors for your presentations is one of the most vital decisions that you need to make before starting to create them. Make sure you understand the fact that colors are good at communicating your message effectively. Using colors can help you in evoking many different emotions or feelings in your audience. This is the main reason why it is important to decide on the best colors to make your presentation engaging and attractive. 

Many companies offer PowerPoint Presentation Design Services, which take the responsibility of selecting the colors based on your message and needs. You can hire such professionals to take care of everything. If you are considering designing of a PPT, then make sure you consider the below-mentioned tips: 

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Psychology Of The Color 

While selecting the colors for your presentation, talking about color psychology is important. It means that you should know how the audience perceives colors. Ensure you know how colors are related to the topic you are intended to talk about. Every color has its own connotations with humans. Let’s have a look at some of them: 

  • Blue:  It is a color of confidence, security, calmness, and responsibility. When it comes to the healthcare and finance industries, it is the most influential color. 
  • Red: It represents strength and passion. This intense and energetic color is used to illustrate determination and power. You can use it for brands related to gaming, beverages, and the automotive industry. 
  • Green: This color defines nature, peace, and life. When you want to show stability, balance, and growth, then it is the best color. Companies related to energy and tech industries use this color to a greater extent. 
  • Yellow: It is the color of light. It is also known to be a stimulating color. It also conveys energy, motivates creativity, and awakes awareness. When it comes to the food industry, it is the most commonly used color. 
  • Black: This color is used to convey courage and elegance besides being related to seriousness. Luxury products and fashion-related brands can get the most out of this color. 
  • White: It symbolizes innocence and purity. When you are in a need to evoke simplicity, then you can use this color. Healthcare and fashion industries are making good use of this color. 

The best way is to select the color that can effectively represent your brand while delivering the message in the correct way. 

Color Temperature 

Now, what is this color temperature? Colors can be categorized according to their temperature. The temperature of color can be determined by comparing any color in the visible spectrum with the light, which a black body would release when heated at a particular temperature. Like, there are warm and cool colors. In warm colors, one can choose from red to orange to yellow. On the other hand, cool colors comprise green and blue to violet. You can find information about warm and cool colors online. 

Neutral Colors 

There are some colors that stay neutral. They do not come in any category like warm or cool. White, black, and gray are neutral colors. Beige, crème, brown, and others with a combination of gray are also considered neutral. These colors do not impact others. You can mix neutral colors with almost any color. While combining neutral colors, consider bright colors as a contrast to pinpoint certain features and bring them to the front. 

Suitable Color Scheme 

Once you realize how to select the colors, there are some color schemes also that give you the best combination. There are:

  • Monochromatic Color Scheme: Containing different shades of a single color 
  • Complementary Color Scheme: Containing a pair of opposing colors on the color wheel
  • Analogous Color Scheme: Containing colors, which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel
  • Triadic Color Scheme: Containing 3 colors equally spaced on the color wheel

An expert PPT Designer at Visual Spiders knows how to provide the best color scheme for any presentation depending on the purpose and industry. So, consider them!

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