5 Tips to Help You Deliver a Killer PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Business Presentations can either be your best friends, or your worst enemies. You’re on the platform and every move of yours is under scrutiny. Be it a boardroom presentation or a high-attendance colloquium, the spotlight’s on you!

You’ll either emerge a hero or flop miserably. An ideal PowerPoint presentation template is the one that combines well-written text with the right design.

Below are some tips that allow you to deliver a killer presentation using compelling PowerPoint templates. Remember, the idea is not to lull your audience to sleep but to work towards delivering a sharp presentation that conveys your point

1. Tell a story

Perhaps the most vital ingredient of your presentation is the story it entails! A story helps you heighten public appeal and make your presentation easy to connect with. It helps you gather attention and is a valuable tool if you want to form an strike an emotional chord with your audience members. The more personal the story, the greater the impact it shall deliver. Your stories should highlight a common problem and should divulge ways to overcome that.

2. Use designs only to enhance

PowerPoint bestows us with the power to use visuals and video, but that doesn’t mean they should be overused. A presentation excessively laden with visuals can be disastrous as it would lead to utter distraction. Visuals should be used sparingly and you should be the one calling the shots (not them!) The point is to focus more on your speaking skills backed with simple data being flashed on the projector. The best option is to fuse in simple, easy-to-understand infographics wherever possible!

3. Research your material

Research well on the subject matter and make it a practice before every presentation you give. You don’t have to be the leading authority, but you should definitely know the critical facts on the matter. Relaying little known information about the topic makes your presentation all the more interesting. You don’t have to be an expert, just well informed!

4. Create a presentation flow

Create a flow to your presentation so that you don’t meander off into all directions. Make your starting and ending strong and have varying levels of intensity during the middle. Like any good narration, make sure that you take your viewers on a journey.

5. Get them to ponder

Terminate your presentation by giving them something to ponder on. Usually after a presentation is delivered, the audience tend to forget about it; they get busy with other things as they wait for the next speaker. The idea however is to leave a mark with your presentation, something that helps etch your presentation in the minds of your audience. End with a question or compelling food for thought!

Keep the above points in mind and deliver your presentation in a way that grabs eyeballs!

Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja, Slideloot- your one stop destination for free and fully editable PowerPoint slides. Download PowerPoint presentation slides for free and deliver a visually compelling story!


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