10 Best Fonts for  Powerpoint  Presentations In 2022

In any meeting, Microsoft Powerpoint is mandatory where one needs to discuss the topic with more clarity. From creating animated slideshows and presentations to sharing stats and information through graphs and charts, Powerpoint is the best tool one can use to conduct a successful presentation. Also, several animated effects such as transition, special, and fills in shape can help the audience understand the topic easily and make even a boring presentation interesting.

In addition to it, the versatility in the fonts for PowerPoint presentations is another reason why one opts for this application for developing slideshows. But, the extended range of fonts on Microsoft PowerPoint can make anyone bewildered about what to select. Therefore, we have penned down this blog to inform you about the best font for PowerPoint presentations. So, if you are interested, jump right into the next section.

Best Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

The typeface of your PowerPoint presentation should be readable and preserve the value of the entire discussion. Therefore, you need to select a simple and modern font that should go with the presentation theme.

So, below we have penned down ten such fonts that can make your presentation professional and attractive concurrently.

Pelicano: an easy-to-read font

If you want to offer your PowerPoint presentation a cleaner, professional, and approachable vibe, Pelicano is the best font you can opt for. Since this font is monoline and easy to read, it makes your PowerPoint presentations more meaningful.

Additionally, the letters’ stroke weight and perfect width accentuate any shades prominently. Therefore, the audience feels attracted to the presentation with ease. So, you can incorporate the font by utilizing the brand color for a better brand identity

TT Ricordi Greto: a contemporary and non-contrasting font

TT Ricordi Greto is a modern Sans-Serif typeface offering a contemporary and classical look to the PowerPoint presentation concurrently. Since the font allows the users to highlight significant presentation features in big and small caps, the presentation can serve its purpose with no difficulty.

Plus, the hint serif font style in this typeface offers a stylish design in the presentation. Therefore, if you feel confused about choosing the best font for the heading and sub-heading of your presentation, TT Ricordi Greto with its heavy and bold stroke, can be the ideal typeface for the title and headings.

Coolvetica: famous for its cool design

Maybe you know the popular Sans Serif font Helvetica. So, Coolvetica is a more playful yet professional version of this Helvetica font. Since Coolvetica is an iconic and versatile font, you can use this typeface in any professional or creative presentation.

As the font features 35 different styles and four types of thickness ranging from light to heavily bold, one can use this single typeface for writing titles, headings, and even body text.

Jumper: thick Sans-Serif font

Like Coolvetica, Jumper can also be a go-to font due to its varied thickness and styles. So, if you feel perplexed thinking about what can be the best font for creating titles and headings, the bold variation of the typeface with powerful strokes can be a real-time attention seeker.

Since the font follows a geometric pattern, implementing this typeface can offer your presentation a less robotic look.

Think Sans: known for its varied width

If you are thinking of creating your presentation with an all-caps typeface, Think Sans can be the best font with uniquely alternative widths. Plus, this font features a curved inner corner and a sharp out corner to make the presentation more eye-catching.

Thus, incorporating this irregularly-shaped font with headings will offer an attractive touch to your presentation.

Cosmopolis offers versatility

You can select the Cosmopolis typeface to offer the presentation a contemporary, professional and sophisticated look. As this font features an extended range of width, perfect height, and proper kerning, you can use this typeface in the title and body text, making your presentation more organized and neat.

Maine: the best professional font

If you want to avoid any non-sense theme while creating the PowerPoint slides, Maine will be the best font. Since the typeface features clarity, readability, simple design, and x-height, it can make the body text more readable.

Isabella Grand: a graceful typeface

Isabella Grand can be the best font for your PowerPoint presentation with its two types of variations. While the italic one can make your PowerPoint slide more dreamy and sultry, the regular one offers the presentation a more professional look.

Madley: a clean-looking font

Madley is famous for its monolinear stem look with various weights. Since the font-weight ranges from hairline weight to thick weight, you can use this typeface for writing titles, headings, and body text. It will offer a neat look to the presentation.

BD Magalona: stylish yet professional typeface

If you are more comfortable with the Times New Roman font while creating your PowerPoint slides, this elegant and modern version of Times New Roman can be the best typeface for your presentation. Since BD Magalona features a variety of styles and widths, it offers your presentation a stylish yet professional look.

Final Takeaway

We hope that our blog has helped you understand that selecting the best font for PowerPoint presentations can assist you in fulfilling the motto of the presentation. Since all these typefaces are professional yet stylish, using them in your PowerPoint slides can increase the professional value of the entire presentation. We at Visual Spiders help you in creating compelling presentations. Never hesitate to contact us to prepare an attractive PowerPoint Presentation.

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