Sell better with Powerpoint

Today’s business audience is radically different from the people few years back. The audiences today are well informed and connected driven by the evolution of technology, social media and internet.

This shift also impacts the way sales presentations are developed and delivered today. Continue reading to find out how to develop presentations which sells better.


Selling is the need of the hour. Everyone in business sells today – whether it is the sales person selling his product, manager selling an idea to the management, job aspirant selling his skills – Everyone sells today!

Powerpoint presentation is a powerful visual tool which will help you to sell better. You can improve your changes to sell by including the selling propositions in your presentation.


Remember, your customers are not dying to buy your product – you are dying to sell it to them. Your customers are in no hurry and in fact the recent trends indicate that you are more likely to be rejected if you appear to be a pushy sales person.

What really sell are the acknowledgements and the outcomes. Below are some key messages you should highlight

Highlight benefits vs. features
Highlight difference vs. self-promotion
Highlight customer testimonials vs. promises
Highlight awards


Selling presentations are the ones which are customer focused – 80% talk about how your product can make a difference to the customer’s life. Substantiate your message with proof points such as awards, certification, customer testimonials, case studies, etc.


Selling is the need of the hour. Apply some of the timeless principles discussed in this article while developing your next presentation. You would start selling better.

Once again, remember everyone sells, include selling proposition, focus on customers while presenting.

All the very best!


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