5 techniques which will change the way you present

Don’t you want to WOW your audience? Wouldn’t you love to stun your audience with some brilliant presentations? Here are the 5 killer presentation secrets which will make you a rock star presenter in a day! The golden one minute

The first one minute of your presentation either makes or breaks your presentation. Use this golden one minute to set the tone of the presentation, summarize your key message and get to your point fast.
It’s better to avoid lengthy openings. The attention span of your audience is highest in the first minute. Use this to your advantage by presenting the most important message upfront.

Effective use of golden one minute = Better attention!

Don’t put everything in the slide

Slide is your visual tool. Don’t dump everything in it. You don’t have to put every word you are going to say in the slide. The more words you use in the slide, the less likely your audience will remember your message. The less impactful your presentation becomes.

Less words = More impact!

Get creative

Just showing the slides with text is a dump way to present. Get creative; use your imagination, use visuals, diagrams, colors, charts. Think different. May be slides with only images.

Imagination = you will stand out!

Use colors

Color visual increases your willingness to read by up to 80 percent. Colors enhance learning and improve retention by more than 75%. 77% audiences perceive presentations that use colors and it communicates better than plain black & white.

Use colors consistently. Use them creatively.

Colors = Better Retention!

Engage with your audience

You don’t engage them, they will stop listening. Always relate your message to the audience. Summarize your slides by relating your message to the audience.

Engage them actively in your presentation. Ask questions, they will make a connection. Take a poll. Start a discussion.

Engaging the audience = Better success!

Now you know it, go and do it! You are on your way to becoming a rock star presenter. All the very best!


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