Steve Jobs is one of the most captivating presenters. Steve had this extraordinary ability to simplify complex ideas and to present them in the most creative means.

He is an inspiration for many of us and has shown us the path on how to deliver presentations which inspire and move people. If you adapt some of his techniques, your ideas and presentation will stand out in a sea of mediocrity.


Steve Jobs have been an aweinspiring presenter for decades. What differentiates Steve from others is his ability to take higher purpose. This Higher Purpose reflects in his choice of words and presentation.

Steve while interviewing John Sculley quoted “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?”

Steve has taken a higher purpose “Change the world”. Steve is driven by a purpose beyond making money.


Story telling is a great tool to make an emotional connect with your audience. People remember stories, they share them and stories are less likely to be resisted.

Stories reveal what makes your message unique. Stories are the emotional glue that connects you to your customers. Stories shapes information into meaning and it can motivate your audience towards your goal.

Steve is a legendary story teller. Steve uses the formula of classic story telling – the hero fights the villain. He uses this formula in most of his presentations.

In 1984 when he introduced the Macintosh, IBM represented the villain. Introducing the villain rallies the audience around the hero.


Job’s words are simpler, phrases less abstract and uses fewer words per sentence. Steve says ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ It’s more effort to achieve simplicity, but it’s worthwhile going for it because the experience will WOW your audience.

Job is known to challenge himself, build revolutionary simplistic ideas. It does take more thought and energy, but you’ll deliver Steve Jobs like presentation.


Steve Jobs rehearses for many hours over many days. His sense of informality comes after grueling hours of practice. For two full days before the presentation, Steve will spend all his effort practicing for the presentation, he will ask for feedback from his managers.

When was the last time you practiced a presentation for 2 days.


Have fun during the presentation. Great presenters are also great entertainers. Steve is known for telling the audience something new which they never heard off. He does this with lot of fun.

Truly Steve Jobs is a great inspiration. You now know his secret formulas, practice it and all the very best to your path towards legendary.

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