How To Make PowerPoint Slides Look Elegant And Professional?

Have you ever made any PowerPoint presentation for your project proposal or any other aspect of your business? How many times have you come across poorly designed PowerPoint presentations, which were cluttered, boring, and distracting? Possibly, many times! Is there any way to make a beautiful presentation that will entice your clients or prospects? Of course, why not! Make sure you understand that there is no need to become a professional designer when you want to have a perfect and Professional PPT Design.


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What do you need to do? 

The best thing is that you can make your PPT slides more attractive and elegant. There are some interesting things that you should keep in your mind while creating a professionally designed PPT. PowerPoint is one of the most renowned presentation design programs we are using. With just some exciting tips and tricks, you can turn boring and dull-looking slides into enticing and elegant ones. Read further:

Use points rather than sentences 

PowerPoint slides are visual and simplified notecards to capture and gather main ideas. It is important to deliver most of the content and information on slides rather than making everyone read long sentences. It will not put a good impact on your audience. Once they start reading the presentation, your message may lose its effectiveness. All you need to do is to make your core message short with the right keywords. You can include point-wise information to deliver the message in the right manner.


Get the most out of the layout 

Make sure you know that most western languages tend to read from left to right or top to bottom. If you know this fact, then you can have a chance to direct the eyes of people deliberately to most of the major parts of a slide. With a layout, you can make your presentation simple, but still effective as it can control the flow and the visual order of information.

  • Use simple tweaks to the layout
  • Include text size and alternating colors or fonts to let the audience understand the differences between the headlines and the body text.
  • Structuring should be done in a way that the audience understands the information quickly. This is how you can save their time.

Go with the 6×6 Rule 

With too many ideas and details on a single slide, you make it difficult for people to keep information. If you leave plenty of white space on a slide, it will let your audience emphasize your main points or ideas. With a 6×6 Rule, you can keep your content on a slide clean looking, and concise. Based on this rule, you need to use a maximum of 6 bullet points per slide and 6 words per bullet.

Include Sans-Serif Fonts 

A font is a great element to put a great impact on the viewer’s mind. This is why you should use a font that looks great on screens. Sans-serif fonts are suitable when it comes to screen-reading. The best thing is that you can have a huge variety of class serifs and sans serifs fonts on the internet. In addition, there are sophisticated modern, and splashy display fonts. While choosing a font, ensure to remember the legibility of the font. Try to stick with a single font, or choose 2 at the most. Keep in mind that the font you choose must complement the tone, purpose, and content of your presentation.

Keep your colors simple 

Simple light and dark colors can do wonders for you. Light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background will work well. Don’t use intense gradients, which adds to the difficulty level of reading. The color selection must be according to the identity and style of your brand if you are making a PPT for your company.

Avoid text over styling and use the right images 

Just use italics, bold, and a change in color in the text to get the attention from viewers. Selecting the right images is also important. Images should be authentic, inspirational, and authentic.

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