How to make PowerPoint Presentation using Jeff Bezos’ top 5 ideologies.

Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s wealthiest men. Former CEO, currently Executive Chairman of Amazon, one of the world’s most successful firms. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that without Bezos, Amazon would not have accomplished the extraordinary transition from a garage-based bookseller to a multibillion-dollar technological corporation.

Today, I will show you how to replicate his ideologies for your PowerPoint Presentation.

5 Ideologies of Jeff Bezos

       1. Problems can be solved through thought

Bezos was one of the first people to believe in the potential of innovation. He used to spend his summers on his grandfather’s tiny ranch in Texas, where they would mend anything that required fixing, including large undertakings like rebuilding an old tractor. His grandfather experienced the cutting edge of technology when he lost a thumb in a car accident and had to have it replaced with a skin graft. It’s a story that Bezos continues to tell to this day.

See your PowerPoint as a problem-solving opportunity. Understand the problem you can mitigate and present your deck.

  1. The customer/ audience is always right, for now

Bezos’ bottom line is the client, shaped by his experience transitioning from banking to hand-packing books on his hands and knees.

Tom Alberg, a former Amazon director, says Bezos was “born with a customer gene,” adding that “he really wants to make a difference in the world, and in his mind, it translated into gratifying consumers.” And if you make money, you’ll be able to do more.”

In practice, Natalie Berg, a retail analyst, describes how this obsession works like a “flywheel,” with a “relentless focus on customers” attracting more customers to the site, which in turn attracts more sellers, who in turn attract a greater selection for customers, enhancing the customer experience”.

Now, how do you use the customer-first approach in the presentation?

Understand the audience before preparing your PowerPoint Presentation design. Your tone of the presentation and the way it is presented should resonate with their interests.

  1. You’ll never be guilty for your attempts

A healthy attitude toward regret goes hand-in-hand with having no fear of failure. During an interview with Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of publishing house Axel Springer, Bezos laid out his case.

“When you think about the things you’ll regret when you’re 80, the things you didn’t do almost always come to mind. It’s a case of omission. You will rarely regret something you did that failed, didn’t work, or whatever.”

So, squeeze out your creative power and come up with innovative ideas to make the presentation unique. Do rehearsals to understand how it will go.

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  1. Speak your mind

While Bezos’ biographer Brad Stone claims that the Amazon CEO isn’t a democrat when it comes to having the last say in the boardroom, he does expect an open discussion. Amazon, according to John Rossman, was unlike any other company in this regard. “Most other organizations don’t engage in active debate; people keep their true positions hidden. They don’t lead with customer obsession, data, or respect for the decision-maker, and when a decision is made, they’re usually passive-aggressive if they don’t agree with it and thus don’t fully buy into making the decision successful.”

Whether your presentation is going to be a business idea pitch or anything else, ultimately it is supposed to persuade the audience to arrive at a decision. Build a connection with them to influence their final decision..

  1. Be competitive

Bezos’ work is marked by a “strong competitiveness.” Brad Stone cites the birth of Alexa at a period when Apple already had Siri and Google had a strong voice recognition capability. “By all indications, Amazon did not deserve to be first in this category… Jeff was essentially Alexa’s project manager, and in the blink of an eye, the Alexa division got 10,000 or more people working on it because he didn’t want Amazon’s competitors to gain ground.”

What do you understand from this? Be competitive. Though you are the only person delivering the presentation, strive to be the best version of yourself and your company. Be your own competitor. Analyze your previous performances and improve.

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