Effective image usage in Powerpoint Presentation

Do you have an important presentation coming up, but aren’t sure quite how to get it started? Many people have this issue, and it can be nerve-wracking to feel uncertainty about an important presentation. If you are curious about how to create a high-impact presentation using images, read on. There are two important concepts you need to consider anytime you are trying to make your presentation more impactful with images, and that is the content of the message and correct usage of graphic design.

Content of the Message

When setting up your presentation and deciding on the correct types of images, you must take into consideration your target audience. Analyzing your audience is a key step in any effective presentation, so pay attention to the people you are speaking to, and what you know about them when going about your image selection. Once you know your target audience members, ask yourself: What is it you think they would like to see the content? What images will draw them in and get them to pay attention to the importance of the message?

Within your content, your main objective should also be reflected in the imagery. What are some of the most important items you want the audience to get out of the presentation by the time you finish? Make sure to reflect some of these concepts with the pictures you choose.

Visualization of the Message

First, consider the size of your audience and where you are giving the presentation. If you are going to be in a larger area with more people, the graphics are going need to stand out more and reflect on the key concepts of your message while also outlining the major objective. Also, keep text limited. You do not wish your audience members to think they have to read a lot of words on a slide, as that can take their eyes off of you and remove the effectiveness of your presentation.

If you are presenting to a smaller crowd in a smaller area, you can present more text on slides because you can establish a closer connection with your audience. Having a discussion is an easier thing to accomplish with small areas as well.


If your presentation focuses in on a specific brand, you need to make sure to adhere to their general goals and guidelines. The brand needs to be presented somewhere throughout the background of the presentation slides. Demonstrating this helps to continue to enter the concept of the brand throughout the presentation.


Color and font should be consistent to help create a more complete and effective feel throughout the duration of the presentation. The other main thing to remember with your imagery is to avoid going over the top with it. As many cool features as programs like PowerPoint offers, they can be both overwhelming and distracting to an audience. Add the features you need and keep things simple and easy to understand.

With these tips on how to create a high impact presentation using images, you should be able to utilize effectively imagery to get your main message across, and highlight your objectives successfully.

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