Different types of slide layouts in Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation is a useful tool to put your message/bid across to your audience in an impressive manner. It is used across the world in almost all sectors to engage the customers, stakeholders, and business partners. But what is important is to create a presentation that is designed and curated in a way that creates a powerful impact on the onlookers while taking your message across loud and clear. Be it an impressive design, correct usage of visuals, or concise text, making an impressive presentation is not always easy. That is why it is best to hire a PowerPoint Presentation Company to do the job for you. But if you do find a need to make it yourself, using the slide layouts properly is one sure way of creating an engaging presentation. 

Using Different Types of slide layouts in a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations are made of different individual pages or slides. These slides are similar to projector slides, and while projector slides only use static images, slides in a PowerPoint Presentation are more dynamic that include text, graphics, videos, sound, and other visual objects to create a powerful, interesting, and engaging viewing experience. The slides can also be animated apart from using exciting transition animation between two slides as well. Using all these techniques will help in making your presentation impressive and immersive. 


Slides use some basic elements to make them visually attractive:

Title & sub-title: After opening the presentation, different titles and sub-titles can be used using different fonts, and colors to denote the subject matter, demarcate the sub-text, and differentiate between different sections

Text: This is where the content flows. You can use different fonts, sizes, and colors to highlight the content. Bullet points, etc are also effective.

Shapes: Different elements add more novelty to the presentation, so, using shapes to highlight some sections of the text can create an impressive design

Pictures: Visuals are always effective mediums to put your point across. You can choose attractive pictures to better explain your point.

Audio/video clips: This is the age of video and audio, and most people prefer video content for better understanding. You can insert videos and audio clips to give the audience a break from the monotonous textual format. 

You can download the free templates here: Free Slides


Key benefits of creating PowerPoint layouts

Creating attractive layouts has its own benefits. Not only do they look appealing, but also make the presentation more impressive. But there are several other benefits than just making it visually appealing. 


Creating your own slides/layouts: 

  • When you customize your slides and layouts, it gives your presentation a unique look and feels that is none like any other. It adds a more creative look to your presentation and you can impress your audience with your design and visual sensibility
  • Creating your own slides will also mean that the overall look and feel of the presentation can be customized according to your theme, tone, and subject of the presentation. This will mean that every single element of the presentation is in sync with each other making it a cohesive whole. There are simple ways of doing it. You can opt for presentation slide PPT free download to get going. 
  • Creating unique slides/layouts also gives out an impression that you have put in extra effort in creating the presentation. That means you are more dedicated to your work than most others. It can send a very positive impression of your hard work and professionalism.


Benefits of using templates for slides and layouts

  • There are several free PowerPoint Templates that you can download and use in your presentation to give it a professional look. These are also customizable and can be changed as per your needs. Using templates gives you ample options to choose from and makes your presentation look amazingly attractive. 
  • With customizable options, you can change them to match your company’s design philosophy and products to give it a more in-house kind of look. This is great for branding and marketing.
  • Templates help you get your work done faster than creating slides and layouts right from the scratch. If you are in a rush to finish your presentation, or have an urgent meeting to attend, using a template will help you fine-tune your presentation within a short period of time. 
  • Templates also bring a sense of consistency to your presentation, which is one of the key requirements for a successful and impressive presentation. You can choose one template for all the slides and join them all with a signature style from start to end.


There is no doubt that PowerPoint presentations are effective tools to impress your audience with great design and functionality. You can add more power to it by investing time and effort in slides and creating attractive layouts for better results. The best part is that PowerPoint gives you ample options to be creative and develop a presentation that will drive your point across while keeping the audience engaged and interested. While it is easy to make Business presentation design services, if you really want to create a lasting impression, have a professional PowerPoint Presentation company like Visual Spiders do it for you. A team of professional, expert, and experienced presentation designers provides PowerPoint presentations that will leave your audience spellbound. All you need to add is your captivating presentation skills and you are all set to woo your audience. 

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