Things you must know to Create Click to Zoom Effect in PowerPoint

Introduction to Zoom Effect in PowerPoint

Learning the Zoom Effect in PowerPoint is a quick and easy process that can add a strong sense of drama or even sophistication to your presentations, whether you’re using it for serious presentations, funny comedy routines, or just plain old entertainment. Here are some important things you need to know in using this feature.

What is Click to Zoom?

Click to Zoom is a feature that allows you to focus on specific content items on a slide. You can click on an item and zoom in, or click around the screen and zoom out.

Here, we will discuss 6 things you must know to create a zoom effect in PowerPoint

1. Create the Content

  • Create the content that you want to animate:

First of all, create a slide and add your content. You can use text boxes; shapes like rectangles, ovals, stars, or any other shape that you want; images, or even videos. You can also use graphs and charts if they are relevant to your presentation. The important thing is to keep it simple so that it’s easy for people attending your presentation to understand what you are saying and see what you want them to see at every step of the way throughout their interaction with your slide deck.

  • Focus on one main object that you want people attending your presentation (the viewers) to focus on:

In order for this animation technique called ‘Click To Zoom Effect In PowerPoint’ to work effectively, there has got be only one main object that people attending your presentation must pay attention to when viewing the slides in full-screen mode from the beginning until the end of the presentation without switching between several other slides during this time period even though there may be other information presented within these slides as well but not as important as focusing on just one object throughout entire duration time span from start till finish.

2. Add Some Effects

To apply effects, select the object you want to apply an effect to and then click on Change Effect.

To remove an effect, select the object you want to remove the effect from and then click on Change Effect.

3. Create a Duplicate Copy of your Slide

The next step is to duplicate the slide with the content that you want to zoom in on.

You can use this method to show or hide the duplicated slide.

If you want, you can also move or resize your duplicated slide so that it doesn’t cover the entire original slide.

4. Apply a Zoom Animation Effect

If you want to add the click effect, follow these steps:

  • Select the slide that is to be used as the duplicate slide.
  • In the Animation Pane, click on Add Animation and then select “Zoom In” from the menu options.
  • Click on Next and choose an animation speed for your zoom-in effect (we recommend 100%).
  • Apply a Zoom Animation Effect to the Duplicate Slide

5. Hide the Content that Needs to Zoom-in on Click

  • Use the Shape Outline to Hide Content

You can use the shape outline to hide content. To do this, you will need to select all of your shapes in your slide and then go to the Format tab and click on Outline Color.

The next step is selecting a color that will blend well with the overall look of your presentation. For example, if you have a light blue background, choosing a darker shade of blue for your outline may be appropriate.

Once you select an outline color, click OK at the bottom right corner of the PowerPoint window which shows up after selecting an existing shape or clicking on the New Slide button (if there are no existing shapes selected). This makes sure that all PowerPoint objects have the same outlines set up so that when we zoom in on any object using the Click effect, it hides its content appropriately without changing its size or position relative to other objects on the screen by mistake!

6. Control the Level of Animation Detail (optional)

If you want to animate the sub-objects, you can select them and apply the zoom animation effect on them. You can also control the level of detail for your slide objects by applying different options in PowerPoint. By default, all objects are animated with the same speed regardless of their size or complexity. To change this default setting, go to Home > Animations > More Animation Options (or press Ctrl + Shift + T).

Final words

When adding Zoom effect or Slides preview to your PowerPoint Presentation slides, we need to set two things. The first is the magnification for each slide, and the second is the delay which displays one slide before showing the next. These two items allow us to create a realistic zoom effect.


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