Traits Of A Successful Presenter

Communication is one of the important skills of any presenter, yet many people fear to speak in front of a large group. How many times have you had to attend a presentation and envied the presenter for the wonderfully smooth way he manages to captivate the audiences’ attention! Truth be told, the art of skillful presentation isn’t a secret – it’s a talent that has to be carefully cultivated. Outstanding presenters convey their message in a way that’s captivating. If you are scheduled to hold a presentation and looking for ways to get over your cold feet, remember that you get evaluated by your peers and management every time you speak in front of a group. To win and to do well, here is a list of what composes a great presenter in any corporate setting.

They Always Connect With The Audience:

The more you connect with the audience, the more likely they are to pay attention to you and better are your chances of getting them on your side. Impressing an audience should be a priority even before the presentation begins. Talk to the guests even before the presentation begins – introduce yourself and most importantly get them to talk about themselves. It is an old trick – the best way to get people to like you is to get them talking about themselves. Every time you speak to people look into their eyes and speak with conviction. And most importantly, avoid jargons – it puts people off. And if you know the names of people in the audience, address them by name. Here again, you are playing on the old idea that people like recognition and acknowledgment.

They Are Well Prepared:

An experienced presenter knows that content matters as much as the presentation. And that is why they spend enough time brainstorming PowerPoint presentation ideas. But most importantly, they hire professional PowerPoint presentation design services to help them. You should be knowledgeable enough to answer important questions about the subject matter. Impress your audiences with anecdotes, stories, facts, case studies, and examples that add to your message. A good presentation isn’t only about listing bullet points – you ought to have compelling data to supplement those points. After years of experience in a professional PowerPoint presentation agency, I can vouch for the fact that a good design can only take you so far – if the content isn’t substantial, the presentation is bound to be doomed.

Ace The Q & A:

As I earlier said, you must have thorough knowledge about the subject in hand. It gives you the confidence to handle tough questions from the audience. But sometimes, you need more than subject matter expertise during a Q and A session. Without proper control, you could end up awkwardly defending your point or making a rash statement. Make sure that the answer is brief and to the point. If the questioner wants an explanation, politely remind him/her that you only have enough time to answer a few questions and that you want everyone to make use of this opportunity. Most importantly, look out for the aggressive questioner – someone with an objective to make his/her point. Do not lose your calm or fall under their trap. Remind them they are digressing, and it makes no sense to others in the audience. You could also ask them to email you about their questions so that they can be answered in detail. And when you are ready to take on the final question, say it firmly and with a tone of finality.

The powerful way to develop these traits is to begin and end each day in the quiet of your own mind by practicing these tips. Once you have created the script, memorize the key points, and present it as if you were standing in front of your audience. Focus on hand gestures, make eye contact, and walk around to comfortably present your message. Regarding the presentation part, we have our experts to help you. We know how to get your message across in a memorable way. Our professionals at the PowerPoint design agency uses powerful visuals to design your presentation in minutes. We design clear, compelling, and persuasive presentations for the world’s top brands. Our team creates effective presentations for everything from sales meetings, communication programs to product launches, and team meetings. Visit us to get immediate customer attention.


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