7 Slides You Must Have In Your Pitch Deck To Impress Potential Investors

As an aspiring entrepreneur you may have big ideas – thoughts that could change the way things function in your industry or address challenges. But to achieve things, you will first need to give your ideas a voice. And this begins with a near-perfect pitch. Following are some of the slides that you should include in your presentation to impress people every time you make a pitch:

  • Slides That Tell A Story:

Of course, data is critical when telling a story. But in the end, it is the story that people remember. Too many people make the mistake of overwhelming their listeners with numbers, facts, and figures. A successful pitch uses data to weave a story – they help people gain insight using statistics. And if you can, try using pictures to tell your story because we all know pictures are far more memorable and likely to be remembered. Use charts, tables and graphs as a part of your narrative to take the pitch forward.

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  • Slides That Present A Problem:

We’ve all been advised on the need to be passionate about your idea. But, investors are never going to be interested in your product or service unless it can address a real – world problem. Explain the inefficiencies in the current system and how your product can help solve those issues. Your investors need to understand the problem that people are currently facing and how your idea can improve the situation or eliminate the pain.

  • Slides That Introduce A Solution:

Now that you’ve described the problem, the next step is to introduce the solution. A word of caution, though – don’t get too involved explaining the product or service. As an investor, I’d like to know how your product can actually solve an issue or add more value to the end user. A product may look fantastic, but is useless if it cannot address a problem! Use your slides to communicate with the investors that the problem you’re looking to solve is very critical and only your company can provide a practical solution. But don’t forget to include the fact that they stand to gain by investing in the solution. You could do this by comparing your solution with other products or services in the market, and stress that these solutions are inadequate. Use charts, graphics, diagrams, or even a prototype for effectiveness.

Check out slides that offers solutions 

  • Slides That Discuss Competition:

As we discussed earlier, you can pitch your product by comparing it with the other solutions currently available in the market and how they fall short on crucial factors like cost, time, resources, etc. Discuss in brief the current market, the players, their strengths and weaknesses, and their ways of addressing their problem. And if your solution is likely to open a new market, discuss your plans to stay ahead of the curve. While preparing slides about competitors think about your own experiences. What are the things that made you pick one product over the other? You have to convince investors about your marketing plans and your ideas about successfully getting the message across to the end user. Your pitch shouldn’t just focus on the solution that you’re trying to address, but also share plans about managing competition. At the end of the day, investors are interested in knowing how you’ll help them make a profit.

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  • Slides That Discuss The Team:

Investors would like to see the people who’re responsible for running the show. Avoid delivering the entire presentation yourself. You could get someone to demonstrate the product, or get another person to explain the technical details. Get everyone to share the stage during the presentation, or in the end. If this isn’t possible share images or a video clip of the people in your team.  But if you are a one – person company, explain to the investors about the posts that you will fill in the future. The slide can be used to give a background highlighting why your team is passionate about what they’re doing. Explain in brief how each member of the startup brings his or her unique expertise to the startup. You could also mention your mentors if they’re known personalities. All of this helps to add a little personal touch to the presentation.

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  • Slides That Discuss Potential Earnings:

If you already have clients, discuss about them. This helps to convince investors about reduced risks. But if you don’t have customers, give them a realistic expectation about potential earnings. Use charts and graphs to make sales forecasts for the following two years – but keep things realistic. There can be nothing worse than being reminded about this by your investors.

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  • Slides That Discuss How Much You’ll Need:

This is probably the trickiest yet the most important part of the presentation. You certainly haven’t gone through so much trouble only to return empty handed! Explain in clear terms how much you want, but tell them why you need the money and how you plan to use it.

You may or may not manage to convince investors, but it’s important to put your best foot forward! Best of luck!

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